About the company

What is Benza®? It is mobile mini filling stations, container filling stations, refueling trailers, sets of traditional filling stations, tanks for oil products, automation of container-type and departmental filling stations, electro pumps for fuel pumping, fuel-dispensing units, and a broad range of accessory equipment. The systems fully equipped with fuel filling facilities are designed to store and dispense oil products, and are adjusted to be transported to a site of operation by motor transport.

Container filling stations

Our container filling stations show high quality of welding of tanks, wide range of products, and various kittings specially for different operation conditions and under individual orders of the customers. There are single-walled and double-walled tanks with the volume of 3 to 60 cubic meters. All stations are made at our own production facilities. An automation of the stations to work in unmanned mode is possible. Start-up and commissioning, and service maintenance of the stations are carried out.
Automatic welding is used at all stages of the tank’s manufacturing. This ensures a higher quality of the weld joints and their perfect evenness!
The tanks’ bottoms are flanged, spherical, and are made using automatic welding.
tank cover
Four-layered coating of the tank (base coat, enamel). In painting the tanks, there are used two-component paint materials made in USA.
Service life
All its products are made on the unique facilities of our plant. The tank’s lifetime is 25 years.

Equipment for fuel tankers

Our Company specializes in the equipment for fuel tankers. We offer a progressive approach to the conversion of fuel tankers into refuelers. A Benza electro-pump based kit for refuelers allows motor cars refueling equipment to be powered by a common electrical battery without using of power take-off devices, and consequently with the engine shut off.

For the owners of small vehicle fleets, we can offer rather economical solution of the problem of refueling. A Benza® fuel-dispensing unit mounted on a small cart with a 200-liter barrel is ideal for refueling of vehicles in the field.

Benza® constantly takes part in various international exhibitions and events.

Today, our Company is a dynamically developing enterprise having a design, technological and production base for further increasing the number and enhancing the quality of our products. We are looking forward to further cooperation!
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