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There are hundreds, if not thousands of motor transport enterprises in the world, and even larger number of the companies having rather big vehicle fleets used for their own needs. One of the major expenditure items of such companies are expenses for buying fuel. It is no secret that all refueling complexes gain a fair profit, and this profit is paid by us. In order not to overpay for the fuel, your own container petrol station can be installed. Benza manufactures several types of container or modular petrol stations for various purposes: starting from the version of maximum mobility on the basis of the sea container, and ending with a prestigious station, in their appearance having the right to compete with the petrol stations of the largest Russian oil companies.

petrol stations

The CONTAINER 20/40 petrol station is manufactured on the basis of a standard sea or railroad container of the size of 6.1 or 12.2 m. This type of the station is fitted out with an automatic ventilation system. Single-walled or double-walled tanks with the volume ranging from 10 to 25 cubic meters with 1 to 3 fuel-dispensing units can be used in this type of refueling stations.

SEVER container
petrol stations

The SEVER container petrol station has an external framework covered with metal sheets 3 mm thick. Its construction provides for an installation of systems of heating and automatic ventilation. In this kind of petrol stations, double-walled tanks with the volume of 10 to 30 cubic meters with 1 to 3 fuel-dispensing units can be used.

PRESTIGE container
petrol stations

The Prestige container mini petrol stations are characterized by outside shell made of composite panels. A system of automatic ventilation is mounted. In this type of petrol stations there can be used single-walled and double-walled tanks with the volume of from 10 to 40 cubic meters with 1 to 4 fuel-dispensing units per one modular petrol station.

Productivity of the fuel-dispensing units of the modular petrol stations is from 40 to 120 l/min. These units are operated from power mains 12, 24 or 220 V. In the standard configuration, the Benza fuel-dispensing equipment is used. However, according to your desire, equipment from other manufacturers can also be used.

You can find the detailed information and prices for our container petrol stations in our catalog.

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